Wedding Memories

Wedding Dress

I recently tried on my wedding dress after 21 years. I would say it fit since I was able to zip it all the way up! But as you can see, it was a little on the tight side.  After two 9lb babies and two boob jobs later, that would be expected. 

I remember loving the brocade pattern of this dress because it was so unique while the sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder sleeves were so popular in the 90s. 

I am planning to alter this dress to wear to another event. After I brought it to the seamstress, I literally started to have anxiety attacks about cutting it up. I took it back from her 3 times to take pictures of it in its current state.  I didn’t realize how sentimental I was over the dress. I never even took it out of its bag since my wedding 21 years ago and all of a sudden I couldn’t bear the thought of losing it. Now that I have these pictures, I am 100% confident in altering it to something I can wear again in public. I can’t wait to show you the new dress when it’s done!