Caring For Your Skin


I do wish I had listened to my Mom when I was younger and moisturize my skin but instead I spent most of my days tanning which did the exact opposite and dehydrated my skin. But it's never too late to start and I consistently moisturize day and night.

When I was asked to review VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, I was excited yet hesitant. I'm always looking for the newest anti aging skin cream but I react to almost anything new I put on my face. Well not only did this eye cream pass the sensitivity test but it has considerably helped my under eye bags and dark circles. If you are as sensitive as me and looking for a solution to under eye problems, I would highly recommend this cream.

I received this cream in December and I have been consistently using it every morning and night. I always like to use a separate eye cream from my regular facial moisturizer since it's so close to my eyes. I want to use something made specifically for the delicate skin around my eyes and the key ingredients in this eye cream are jojoba oil, elderberries and evening primrose.

A special feature of VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is the crescent activation strip. The strip is used to massage around the eyes before applying the eye cream. This eye cream is a little on the high end regarding price but a little goes a long way and it works! And from my experience, it's great for sensitive skin!



Thank you to VIIcode for sponsoring this post! As always all opinions are my own.