Bryce's Birthday Party

Bryce's birthday party was a little delayed this year since we just got home from Los Angeles the day before his actual birthday. That's what happens when you have a summer birthday. It's tough to celebrate because it conflicts with everyone's vacation.

We had his party at home this year. The kids played on the giant water slide, swam in the pool and played a little basketball. I would say it was a successful party.

After the kids left, it was time for this mama to relax!

My swimsuit   here   / My floats   here

My swimsuit here / My floats here

This water slide was three water rides in one! The kids go down a huge double lane slide onto the slip and slide section and at the end, land into a pool. They played for hours on it! Money well spent!  Jumping Fiesta Rentals is a company offering onsite inflatable rentals for children's birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, picnics, or any event! They set it up the day before and pick up the day after the event. This gave my kids more time to play on it outside the party time and it ensures it's there the exact time of the party! Highly recommend this company if you're looking for party rentals in the local Houston area.