Natural Beaded Rows

Ok y'all so I don't know if it's age, hormones, heat, color or a combination of all of those things that have wrecked havoc on my hair but it has been so limp and lifeless lately. My hair has always been fine but I used to have a lot of it. My hair grows but then it stops and starts getting very straggly on the ends.

Since I noticed this change, I started experimenting with extensions. I started with the clip ins but I could never get those quite right. I would leave it to the hands of my stylist which meant I didn't wear them regularly. Then I started using the halo which I really did like. It was easy to use and I could put it on myself. Then I realized it was a little bulky and it was heavy so weighed my hair down in the front. I would also forget it at times when I was traveling and that drove me nuts!

I decided it was time to try a semi permanent solution. I found out about Natural Beaded Rows on Instagram. Amanda Kelly was posting amazing transformation pics. I looked into it more and liked that they were the least damaging to hair since there are fewer points of contact.

I heard about beaded extensions before but I heard they took almost 8 hours to put in. Natural Beaded Rows only take 3-4 hours. I personally was in and out of the salon in 3 hours.

Here's more about Natural Beaded Rows from the creator, Danielle K. White:

"Natural Beaded Rows™ is a perfect solution for both the stylist and the client.

In less than 3 hours (if you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds) my clients are in and out of the salon leaving transformed and feeling more beautiful then when they arrived.

There is no glue or tape involved, so the removal process is quick and simple and only takes about 5 minutes. 

My custom, Natural Beaded Rows™ hair extension method is 100% unique, crafted from years of experience and diligent searching to create the absolute best hair extension method on the market.

After researching more about Natural Beaded Rows (there are lots of videos online), I was excited to get started. I contacted Amanda and by coincidence, she happens to be 15 minutes from my home! How perfect is that!