Family Christmas Pictures


Since I'm the only girl in the family, I dress to stand out! I love this tulle skirt because tulle is always a good idea no matter how old you are! I paired it with this cute off the shoulder bodysuit with bell sleeves. I thought the red boots made it really festive!

I absolutely love pictures! Even before social media days, I was the one known for sending really cute, creative cards/pictures in the mail. And now I sit here 2 days before Christmas and was barely able to get my family to sit for a pic. Thank goodness for social media because I did not get my pictures in time to produce cards and mail them. I'm lucky to get the kids to sit on this bench and pose for a picture. Gone are the days where I dressed them up exactly how I wanted and coached them to pose for the picture I envisioned. So here is what we get today! A far cry from Christmases past. But I have dug up a few old cards to share with you!


Our kids were 13 and 9 in this pic and they were always fighting. So we thought it would be fun to mock this in our Christmas card since it pretty much summed up our year!

We took this pic in the garage of our unfinished home. We were so excited for our house to be finished and it was a year and half long wait! We would drive by every week to check the progress of it. Finally in July 2013, we were able to move in!

15626238_10209567015826514_6322145167042708634_o (1).jpg

I love the story behind this picture! We were driving down the streets of NYC and I saw this photographer with a line of photos hung on a wire drying. I asked my husband to stop the car and we jumped out to talk to him. He basically took pictures of all the passers-by in NYC. The people of NYC are his subject. We asked him to take our picture and I feel like this was the pic that best captured our trip to New York. I had this great idea to take it to Rockefeller Center and take a pic of the pic in front of the beautiful Christmas tree there. It turned out beautifully.


This was the year I didn't have time to send any Christmas cards so we sent a New Year card instead. Oh the things I make my family do! lol


The year of the selfie!


Last but not least, this has to be my favorite Christmas card. This was made before social media days so Christmas cards were basically the only chance our friends and family (who we didn't communicate with regularly) were able to see our family. I thought my photographer captured the most creative shots! I loved how she could crop out the best parts of the photo and it turned out perfect!!