My Packing Tips


We are headed to Orlando for Thanksgiving week and we couldn't be more excited! Our good friends hooked us up with a sweet deal at the Sheraton Resort. Of course we will be hitting the theme parks this week and on Thanksgiving Day, we are having a complete Thanksgiving dinner delivered to our suite to enjoy with family and friends.

I admit, I have a little anxiety when I think about packing for a trip. As much as I love to travel, I hate that I don't have access to my entire closet and I can't stay on my eating plan. The eating part is hard but I have figured out a way to make packing a little less stressful by using travel cubes. These simple cubes have changed how I pack! I'm able to pack more and stay organized. I can even live out of my suitcase by using these cubes.


Since you will most likely be visiting Universal and/or DisneyWorld if you're traveling to Orlando, I also wanted to share my top 5 packing tips when you're visiting theme parks. :

1. Theme park friendly clothes such as shorts, leggings, t shirts and don't forget a light jacket for those cooler nights if you're going in the winter.

2. It's guaranteed you will be doing lots of walking so comfortable shoes are a necessity. I usually pack more than enough shoes but my husband and kids travel only with the shoes on their feet. So I did tell them to pack an extra pair in case of rain!  It always seems to rain in Florida!

3. Swimsuit for the water parks or hotel pool.

4. Light back pack to pack rain gear and other loose items.

5. Although most people use their phone to take pictures, if you do bring a camera, don't forget extra batteries and memory cards!