Austin City LImits


Austin City Limits is a 3 day festival that takes place in Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. It is the first 2 weekends in October. There are about 150 acts playing across eight stages so there is something for everyone! 

This was my first time to ACL and I did have fun but the heat was almost unbearable and I'm not usually one to complain about the heat. But what can be better than hanging out with friends listening to live music outdoors? I would still say it was worth it. I don't know how we did it without cell phones either? There were about 12 of us and I can't imagine keeping up with everyone pre-cell phone days. How did we do it??

We rented a cute little house in downtown Austin which was about a 30 minute walk from Zilker Park. We were lucky we were able to walk to the festival and not have to deal with the crazy traffic.

Flannel Means Fall


Since the temps do not cool down and the leaves aren't falling off the trees yet, we know it's Fall in Houston when football starts!

We had so much fun yesterday at a surprise birthday party for a good friend! We spent the day at his house watching football, eating, drinking and just hanging out.

And Fall also means flannel. When I see the flannel shirts coming out, I know it's Fall. To be honest, I really didn't know how I was going to wear this shirt when I received it. I didn't think it was really my style. But now I figured out different ways to wear it and I love it. I love this one from Mimi Chica! I paired it with a really cute tank dress and black booties. Since it's still warm here, I kept it tied around my waist the entire night.

I'm looking forward to wearing it all season in more unconventional ways like pairing it with a skirt or leggings! Are you a fan of plaid shirts?


This is Us!


On September 23, 2017, we have officially been married for 22 years! To commemorate this milestone, I'm sharing 22 facts about us that some of you may or may not already know!

1. We didn't start dating until 2 years after we met.

2. He proposed to me on a street corner in San Antonio.

3.  Although our wedding was done on the super cheap (funded by us, 20 year olds with no real job yet), it was one of the most fun nights ever and people still tell us that to this day.

4. Didn't plan to honeymoon because I was still in school but my in-laws surprised us with a trip to Vegas. I had exams coming up so I studied on our honeymoon.

5. Our first dance was, "Love Will Keep Us Alive" by The Eagles

6. But he serenaded me at our wedding with, "More Than Words" by Extreme

7. Todd does most of the cooking.

8.  But I do all the laundry.

9. Todd still plays acoustic gigs at local bars.

10. If you love cars, especially Porsches, follow Todd's insta @blackhorsturbo

11. I'm pretty lucky he's a pro photographer because he's my Instagram husband too.

12. I'm a Realtor

13. We have 2 sons, Blake who is 17 and Bryce who is 13.

14. We have a Havanese named Bailey who is 9. :)

15. I love yoga! 

16. I hate strength training but I do it. 

17. Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we love to dress up!

18. My Dad passed away last November and my Mom is successfully fighting stage 4 lung cancer. I have one older sister and I feel very lucky to have her!

19. I'm half filipino so both my sons have filipino blood but you would never guess the younger one had any at all!

20. Todd used to play in a band full time.

21. When he got a "real job", it transferred us to Chicago and we lived there for 2 years.

22. We moved back to Houston after our first son was born.

Now that we've been married for 22 years, we aren't even together today. He's in Orlando on business and I'm home with the kids. Happy Anniversary, Todd! #thisisus!

Visit to Washington D.C.


We took a short trip to Washington D.C. because it's just an hour drive from Baltimore. This time we stayed a couple of nights so we would be able to visit more attractions. Last time we went, we tried to make a day trip out of it and ended up spending most of the time in the car because the traffic was so bad and parking spaces were scarce.

Our hotel was amazing! We stayed at The Hay-Adams and I think it is the only hotel with a direct view of the White House, in fact their tag line is "where nothing is overlooked but the White House". We were lucky enough to reserve one of the few rooms with this view. Since it was our anniversary trip, we thought it was worth the splurge. It was definitely something different! I couldn't help but think the Secret Service was watching us from the roof of the White House.

We had an great time! There is so much to see in D.C. I just wish I would have requested a White House tour before we arrived. I didn't realize you have to request a visit though your local congressman at least 21 days before your trip. Next time for sure!

We weren't able to go inside the US Capitol Building the but just seeing it from the outside was amazing in itself!

We weren't able to go inside the US Capitol Building the but just seeing it from the outside was amazing in itself!

The Korean Veterans Memorial is probably one that has been overlooked compared to other popular sights but this is one of the most beautiful memorials I've seen! It's worth checking out!

The Korean Veterans Memorial is probably one that has been overlooked compared to other popular sights but this is one of the most beautiful memorials I've seen! It's worth checking out!


It was an amazing trip and we saw so much in just a couple of days. Washington D.C. is filled with culture and is worthy of being our Nation's Capital! I can't wait to go back but this time with my kids. It's a great place to take kids . . . there is so much to learn. Now I want my son to go to college there and intern at the White House! Lofty goals! :) 

Fun in Baltimore

Every year I have been coming to Baltimore with my husband for the Natural Products Expo. It's a trade show for natural foods and products. I feel like a kid in a candy store at this event. There are aisles and aisles of organic snacks and you can try them all! And to top it off, you can stash your bags (provided) with all of the samples and bring them home! The focus of this show is health so it's the perfect show for me!

We love to walk around Inner Harbor. There are lots of seafood restaurants to choose from. Boats in the harbor makes a beautiful scene.


When we aren't at the show, we love to explore the city. Fells Point is such a cool city. I love the cobble stone streets that are lined with many boutiques and bars! We love to stroll along the harbor at night. Just such a beautiful place!


It was a warm day in Baltimore so I chose this comfortable floral dress. It kept me cool during the day. I love the feminine floral pattern and there's a tie in the back to give it more shape. I paired it with these super cute trendy fringe booties which were easy to walk in all day!


So Long Summer

My kids finally start school tomorrow. School was delayed two weeks because of Hurricane Harvey so it's been the longest summer ever! I'm not complaining though because I enjoy spending time with my kids. My son will be a senior this year so I'm cherishing every minute he's at home. My younger son will be in 7th grade so it will be a while until we are empty nesters but we are perfectly fine with that!

This dress is the perfect summer dress but since it's so hot here in Houston, I plan to wear it into the fall. The sleeves are so small though and I really can't imagine anyone fitting in them. My arms are not big and they are so tight. I plan to cut them off and just wear the dress as an off the shoulder dress which I think will be so cute!



Labor Day after Harvey

Find this exact dress here!

Find this exact dress here!


This Labor Day was not the same. Usually we are grilling out and swimming with friends. It was a very somber one here in Houston.

My family and I were lucky enough to stay high and dry. Our house did not flood. In fact not one house in our neighborhood flooded. But some of our surrounding neighborhoods weren't so lucky. It's been reported that over 100K houses sustained damage in our area. We have never seen a disaster like this in our lifetime!

It's been amazing seeing how our community has come together to help each other. Friends helping friends and even strangers . . . from helping to clean up, donating food, donating supplies donating money and more!

We have donated to the flood relief fund organized by JJ Watt. If you would like to do the same, I have included the link here

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are Houston Strong!

Blue Apron


Blue Apron has made a huge difference for our family. With kids activities and a husband that travels a lot, we tend to eat out quite a bit. Blue Apron gives us a chance to cook a homemade meal when we otherwise wouldn't. I love the fresh ingredients included in each Blue Apron box.

And let me tell you friends, if the recipe calls for pesto chicken, you are making the pesto. They send you all the fresh ingredients to make it from scratch. They don't send you a ready made tub of pesto. My husband said he never knew how to make pesto sauce until it was included in a Blue Apron box. 

Click here to see how Blue Apron can be a great addition to your family dinners!